A Fábrica de SantiagoA Fábrica de Santiago



'A Fabrica de Santiago' Restaurant is nestled in the medieval quarter of Alfama in Lisbon.  Where cultures and flavours meet, the past is deeply rooted in the present and a little romance still lingers in the air.  Time moves just a little slower, rushing doesn't seem so important as one listens to music on a balmy evening with a just the right glass of red.... Food is important here.  Fresh ingredients are sourced from Lisbon's colourful Ribeira vegetable produce and fish market.  Freshness, quality and authenticity are paramount in all our dishes, be it the spices, cheeses and hams or proper grass fed beef.

100% Portuguese cuisine, but not limited by our humble borders

A Fábrica's cuisine is 100% Portuguese, but not limited by our its humble borders...  Portugal has the oldest borders in Europe and was the first sea faring European country.  Sailors, explorers and adventurers travelled all over the globe and proudly bought back exotic new flavours and left traces of their own - 'tempura' batter can be linked to Japan and sampled at the Fabrica de Santiago, just choose the  'peixinhos da Horta' - translated as 'little fish from the vegetable garden' - or simply, green baby string beans in tempura batter.